Shake it off?

As part of a Health Central project we’re working on, I was asked how I respond to people when they don’t believe that I’m sick. I’m happy to say that this has never happened to me when I tell people I have RA. Reactions range from shock and awe to empathy (from people who actually know what RA is) but never flat out rejection. I guess that’s pretty hard to say to someone’s face, right? But for the keyboard warriors of the world not so much.

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Yes, I’m alive!

Hi, friends! I’ve missed you! I hate that it’s been a month since I’ve written anything, but that last post took a lot out of me. So much so, that I really needed to take a break not just from writing, but from sharing so much with the #ChronicLife community. I love that I have so many amazing friends that are always there to support me when I’m struggling, but sometimes I find myself needing to unplug from it all and focus on being present offline with friends and family. April ended up being a tough month, and this was especially true. I’ve got some other posts in the work that I’m really excited, but first an update.

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Planning for the Unplannable

Recently I’ve received feedback from a few readers that “they used to like my blog, but now that it’s been so focused on my training instead of RA they can no longer relate” – or something to that effect. And that’s a valid criticism. I’ve been so focused on creating content for Health Central, that I’ve slacked on writing here, and training journals are an easy way of just getting something posted every week.

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Training Journal Week 8

The weeks have been flying by lately, and once again I find myself behind on writing my weekly training journal! Part of the reason I’ve been struggling to get these done lately is that back in February I joined the Health Central team as a monthly contributor! Since then I’ve been writing two posts a month, and you can catch up on all of my articles here. This is an awesome opportunity to reach a much larger audience than I usually do, but it’s left me struggling to create additional content for this blog.

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