I Don’t Do Baby Showers

In the last six years, I have attended exactly three of the more than a dozen baby showers that I have been invited to. And, while I love each of those mamas and their little ones infinitely, each one of those days was excruciating for me to get through. It has only been very recently that I have finally gotten to a place where I no longer feel as though I have put myself through such a painful exercise.

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You Cannot Break Me

When Vin and I first met working at the front desk of Marriott’s Custom House back in 2008, it was NOT love at first sight – a fact that is well documented on the archived email servers at Marriott. After who knows how many shifts spent in relative silence with one another, it eventually came to light that we were both huge Bill Simmons fans. Every Friday around noontime, Simmons would post his newest column to ESPN’s page 2, and Vin and I would email back and forth our favorite comedic excerpts.

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Not Running Sucks

Not too long ago I came across a shirt by Nike that says “NOT RUNNING SUCKS”. While I doubt its creators were thinking about 31-year-old former runners with six hip replacements when they conceived this kickass shirt, I jumped to purchase it almost immediately.

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