In case you missed it yesterday, Jennifer Aniston wrote what can only be described as a BADASS essay in the Huffington Post taking on the tabloid “journalism” culture of the decade-long Aniston baby watch. Maybe you don’t like Aniston. Maybe you think that the paparazzi is a part of fame that she “signed up for.” Whatever your feelings towards celebrities sharing these sorts of essays, one thing is true: we live in a world that almost universally reduces a woman’s success and worth to her choice whether or not to marry and have children.

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Adopting the Wonder Pup

In January of 2011, I had hip surgery number six. Two months later I was still home recovering/slowly losing my mind from boredom. Somewhere in this span of time, I was able to convince Vin that we should adopt a dog. Our friends Rach and Rob (of Team Hips fame) had just rescued a sweet Beagle/Lab mix, Mac, and the longs days of PT and pain management had me yearning for a pup of my own to keep me company. In retrospect, this was an absolutely insane time to bring home a new family member, but with Vin’s unending patience (with the both of us) we made it work.

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Partners in Love & Laughter

I’m glad to hear you got a lot of PT in. You make me proud every day. You’re such a badass.

As much as I like to pretend otherwise, I’m a pretty sentimental person and have saved every email that Vin sent me when we first started dating. Like everyone else, we’ve had our ups and downs over the years, and sometimes I reread them during the tougher times. It helps to remind me why I fell in love with this man, and how far we’ve come over the last six years.

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You Cannot Break Me

When Vin and I first met working at the front desk of Marriott’s Custom House back in 2008, it was NOT love at first sight – a fact that is well documented on the archived email servers at Marriott. After who knows how many shifts spent in relative silence with one another, it eventually came to light that we were both huge Bill Simmons fans. Every Friday around noontime, Simmons would post his newest column to ESPN’s page 2, and Vin and I would email back and forth our favorite comedic excerpts.

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