Training Journal Week 8

The weeks have been flying by lately, and once again I find myself behind on writing my weekly training journal! Part of the reason I’ve been struggling to get these done lately is that back in February I joined the Health Central team as a monthly contributor! Since then I’ve been writing two posts a month, and you can catch up on all of my articles here. This is an awesome opportunity to reach a much larger audience than I usually do, but it’s left me struggling to create additional content for this blog.

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Training Journal Week 5

The Good

I finally got that gym membership! It didn’t happen Monday as planned, but I finally made it there on Friday and kicked off a four-week circuit training plan and did some hill training on the elliptical.  I haven’t been to a gym (outside of hotel gyms while traveling) since back when I lived in the North End and there was still a Planet Fitness in Government Center – maybe six or seven years now? All of the training that I’ve done in the last year and a half has been at home, running or at yoga. But after last August’s Spartan race, I know that I’m going to need to push myself a lot harder in order to be better prepared for my first Spartan of the season on June 4th. To the extent that I even thought about going to Home Depot and buying a bucket and a fifty-pound bag of gravel to fill it to carry up and down my street… Spartans are not normal people.

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Training Journal Week 3

The Good:

This week I managed another four workouts even after skipping Wednesday and Thursday in the middle of the week. I did leg day plus core, added in a resistance tubes workout, took my first barre class and finished the week strong with a hot yoga class. Barre and yoga required early mornings on both Saturday and Sunday, and I’m feeling really good about my committing myself to that effort – mornings can be pretty tough for me. Yoga was not my best practice, and I’m looking forward to making getting back to class 1-2 times a week a priority moving forward.

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Training Journal Week 2

The Good:

This week I managed 4 solid workouts: 2 days of kettlebell circuits combined with jumping rope, leg day + core and my favorite (and slightly badass) arm and shoulder workout. But the real highlight of the week came in the form of love and inspiration from as far away as Texas and California.

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