Saturday Morning at the Barre

When my friend, Jen forwarded me an email for a free barre class, I debated over wanting to go. I’ve heard about barre for a while, and I’ve only avoided it to this point because I hate obsessive fitness trends. I’m also a savage who prefers her kettlebells – that’s just how I roll. I eventually said “yes” if for no other reason than Jen is always down to run races with me, and so I didn’t want to leave her hanging.

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Training Journal Week 3

The Good:

This week I managed another four workouts even after skipping Wednesday and Thursday in the middle of the week. I did leg day plus core, added in a resistance tubes workout, took my first barre class and finished the week strong with a hot yoga class. Barre and yoga required early mornings on both Saturday and Sunday, and I’m feeling really good about my committing myself to that effort – mornings can be pretty tough for me. Yoga was not my best practice, and I’m looking forward to making getting back to class 1-2 times a week a priority moving forward.

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Training Journal Week 2

The Good:

This week I managed 4 solid workouts: 2 days of kettlebell circuits combined with jumping rope, leg day + core and my favorite (and slightly badass) arm and shoulder workout. But the real highlight of the week came in the form of love and inspiration from as far away as Texas and California.

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