#RheumAthlete Training Q&A

Since returning to the gym at the beginning of May, I’ve been meaning to write more here about how I’ve been progressing in my training since coming back from knee surgery in February. But then May was absolute chaos with looking for a new job, traveling for work, traveling for advocacy, and just trying to get back into my training routine. And while I’d still like to resurrect my training journals at some point, lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my training via social media, and I decided that tackling some of those is as good a start as any.

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Responding to My Critics

After my last post celebrating five years since my last surgery, I received several, what can best be described as, nastygrams. In fact, these individuals sought me out on Facebook and Twitter so they could privately upbraid me for “encouraging patients to ignore their doctor’s advice” and “making other RA patients feel bad they can’t do what I do”. So, as I often do when I feel bullied by my own community, I went radio silent on social media for a bit. Somedays it’s just easier to unplug than to engage with people who’ve already made up their mind about how I choose to live with my RA.

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