Training Journal Week 1

In the past week, I signed up for another Craft Brew Race 5K, my first Warrior Dash,and my second Spartan… In LA! In December I’ll be heading to Cali to meet up with my friends Carmen and Angela who have become some of my biggest supporters and inspirations this last year!

So here I am with a little less than 3 months to go before my first race on April 30th. Until a week ago I hadn’t even 100% committed to racing at all this year. My right knee still needs surgical repair, Dr. Smith’s concern for my hips has been weighing heavily and I’ve been too sick to train recently. That’s why I’m starting this journal series: I want to share my training journey – not just pictures of me crossing finish lines. So check back every Sunday for my look back on the week (Monday – Sunday).

The Good:

I got up and moved 5 out of 7 days this week! My workouts included a 4-mile walk (plus sprints) with Penny, kettlebells, leg day and two days of upper body plus core. Today my quads and glutes are sore in the best possible way! Yesterday we did a big grocery shopping, and I spent legit 5 hours in the kitchen prepping for the week and cooking dinner that would also serve as healthy leftovers for game day. Between being sick and med side effects, eating has been a serious struggle for me lately. Today the fridge is stocked with protein packed goodies to hopefully improve on that this week.

The Bad:

I feel REALLY out of shape. I know it’s a combination of recovering from a terrible head/chest cold combined with recent issues with eating, but it doesn’t make me feel any less weak/frustrated. I rocked my December workouts straight through the holidays and into the New Year. My goals were in reach as Mexico approached – I was even making do with small, crappy work gyms on the road for work! But when the head/chest thing started brewing right before we left, it was like running head first into a brick wall. It’s amazing how quickly muscle mass goes out the window. I know it will take some time to rebuild, but in the short term, it really sucks.

The Ugly:

On Thursday I was raring to go! I’d managed to eat enough healthy calories to support a hard workout, and I even had an awesome pre-workout green smoothie! And then everything blew up… And by everything I mean my stomach. In the span of 30 minutes, my body voided all of the precious nutrients I’d managed to consume that day, and I was left spent and clammy on the bathroom floor. I had a good cry in the shower and pulled it together enough to make a protein rich dinner frittata with some toast. Days like that aren’t the end of the world, but they sure feel like it. Having the drive and the motivation to train, but not being able to because the side effects of my medications are so unpredictable hurts. It makes me feel beaten down and helpless and out of control of my own life.

On the bright side – at least I realized I had to concede that day. In the past, I would’ve pounded a bottle of water and pushed through the workout regardless of the trauma my body endured a short while earlier. And that’s the purpose of these training journals – being able to step back and reflect on my achievements both in and out of the gym.

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  1. Awesome how you stay motivated despite the pain and exhaustion. You have the mental strength to do what you want, keep that journal because even small goals reached are milestones. You’ll destroy those races!

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