Training Journal Week 2

The Good:

This week I managed 4 solid workouts: 2 days of kettlebell circuits combined with jumping rope, leg day + core and my favorite (and slightly badass) arm and shoulder workout. But the real highlight of the week came in the form of love and inspiration from as far away as Texas and California.

I was expecting my latest order from Flex it Pink, but when it arrived I was surprised by an extra tank top and a note from my friend Angela… She knew I’d placed an order and reached out to the girls at F.i.P. to sneak in the tank top and note. This surprise saved me from the depths of my chemo hangover and reminded me that yes, I can do this.

The following day I heard from the girls over at Glove Girl that they wanted me to be their Feature Friday on their blog! Did I mention that last week’s Feature Friday was Jennifer Cassetta from ABC’s hit TV show “My Diet is Better Than Yours”?! Not only is it an honor to be featured alongside such strong and beautiful women, I’m touched by G-Loves’s commitment to raising awareness for the RA community after watching my story on Health Central. G-Love has shown me lots of love on social media over the last year, but doing this was above and beyond. I’m tearing up even writing about it…

The Bad:

The chemo hangover was once again so bad this week that for the early part of it I couldn’t even leave the house. This means I wasn’t able to meet my goal of going to get a new gym membership started because by the time I felt better it was Friday which was also infusion day. Not exactly world ending, but it’s pretty f-ing frustrating. I feel like a prisoner bound to the bathroom two or three days every week.

The Ugly:

I saw my Rheumatologist on Thursday and learned I’ve lost 8 pounds since my Orencia infusion in January. This is a lot when you’re only 5’0” tall. After 9 months, it’s safe to say that the Methotrexate may very well be doing my body more harm than good. Tomorrow we’ll cut my Metho dose by 1/3 for 4 weeks until my next infusion. If the stomach side effects and weight loss don’t stop by then, we’ll discontinue Metho completely. On the surface this is a victory as my hatred for the drug is well documented, but it’s more complex than that. In addition to the Metho and Orencia, I’m taking 2 other drugs for my Arthritis and so it’s hard to know which drug is doing what. Stopping any one of them runs the risk of setbacks including a flare. It’s like playing Jenga: you never which block (or med) will topple the stack.

Week three I’m determined to get back to the gym and start stepping up my cardio. Catch you next time!


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  1. You are awesome! Great work and great attitude. I hope you have a good week ahead!

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