Training Journal Week 3

The Good:

This week I managed another four workouts even after skipping Wednesday and Thursday in the middle of the week. I did leg day plus core, added in a resistance tubes workout, took my first barre class and finished the week strong with a hot yoga class. Barre and yoga required early mornings on both Saturday and Sunday, and I’m feeling really good about my committing myself to that effort – mornings can be pretty tough for me. Yoga was not my best practice, and I’m looking forward to making getting back to class 1-2 times a week a priority moving forward.

The Bad:

I got a little off track with diet and training midweek mostly because my sister came to hang out and we splurged on some snacks and beers. Thursday I just didn’t have the energy to work out before leaving the house for 10 hours of meetings. Being accountable to myself and others by writing these journals had me feeling pretty low about this. This is the part of training where I have to be gentler with myself. There are going to be less than perfect days, and that’s OK. A few beers and some cheese and crackers won’t be what derails me from my goals, but giving into feeling like I’m not/never doing enough very well could. Thankfully Penny ate the remaining cheese that was left out on the coffee table so at least any remaining temptation was removed that night.

The Ugly:

Dropping my Methotrexate dose has yielded “just OK” results so far. My side effects were diminished in the form of last stomach pain and nausea, but about the same level of stomach upset early in the week. It was enough of an improvement for me to eat a bit more than I had been this week, though, and that alone is a victory. But as the stomach side effects seemed to ease up a little bit, my hair loss returned with a vengeance. While prepping for a meeting with a colleague on Thursday, my hair was falling out all over the conference table. I tried to make a joke about shedding, and she asked me “if I was really stressed for the client meeting?” Her empathy and concern were so genuine that I almost blurted out my life story of Methotrexate, but instead, I stuck with my shedding story.

3 Replies to “Training Journal Week 3”

  1. I want you to know that I think you are amazing. I don’t have the energy to get out of bed most days, let alone work out. Last year, at the age of 51, PSA hit me like a freight train. I am really struggling to hold on to the life I had and wondering what my purpose is now. Have you ever blurted out your story and then regretted it later? I let people in my office know and am finding that was a mistake, but have also told a client (my Remicade infusion landed on a day I was supposed to attend their board meeting) and they were very understanding since one of their wife’s has RA. I feel like I’m going crazy some days – I question if I am imagining things at work that feel a lot like discrimination and retaliation. I’m sorry I’m rambling – I just wanted you to know that this fan is proud of you for continuing to fight and thankful you are able to tell your story.

  2. I love your determination. I have a knee in line for replacement so working out for me requires lots of research.. I can barely bend it so there is lots of laying on the floor… but I too am determined!! I’ve also had to cut my hair short to hide the hair loss. It’s ok because I love my hair short. It’s easier to manage and looks thicker the shorter I cut it.

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