Training Journal Week 4

The Good

I might have gone a little overboard last week, but let’s just say I killed it. Five workouts including two hot yoga classes, upper body + core, kettlebells and a two-hour yoga workshop! So much yoga! As I mentioned in last week’s recap, I was feeling pretty humbled and disappointed with my practice on Sunday. Stuff like that used to send me spiraling, but instead, I went home and signed up for a super challenging class on Friday… Then one on Wednesday… And then the workshop on Sunday to round out the week. I’m still humbled by the areas in which I can improve, but more than anything I feel inspired to get back to a regular yoga practice to help me balance out my other training goals.

The Bad

Still no gym membership. Once I signed up for all those yoga classes on top of work commitments, there simply wasn’t enough time – so I guess that’s not really a bad thing after all! The only other annoyance I’ve been contending with is the lingering remnants of that January head/chest cold. I feel a lot better, but the enduring congestion is not only annoying but pretty gross. After two rounds of Cipro, there’s not much else to do other than to just ride it out. I am so envious of people with working immune systems!

The Ugly`

So last week’s ugliness has less to do with training and more to do with my insurance company. A few weeks back I was informed I could no longer fill my Methotrexate at a retail pharmacy and instead had to fill it by mail via Cigna’s Specialty Pharmacy… Except Methotrexate is not a specialty drug! Since Cigna decide to change this process internally, I let them know I thought they should own the process of transferring my existing Rx (which had seven remaining refills) from CVS to their pharmacy. Naturally, they put forth the minimum effort possible before dumping it back in my lap for a resolution which required getting a new script from my Rheum, but only using their specialty pharmacy form – nothing else would do. After the half dozen calls it took to get this part done, I had to wait for them to “process it” which took over a week after receiving it from my doc. I was informed they’d call me to arrange delivery. What they failed to mention is that when they “call” you, it’s not actually a person, but an automated system so you basically sit on hold until someone gets to you. Did I mention that while the new script was “in process” I tried to give them a payment method so that they could ship it out as soon as it was ready?! WHY IS THIS HARD?

More to the point, you might be wondering “why is she telling me about her prescriptions during what’s supposed to be a training journal?” Glad you asked. For starters, this is a perfect example of the time suck that is managing a chronic illness, and how it’s just one more thing I’m dealing with on top of work, advocacy, training and life in general. More topical though is the fact that I didn’t get my Methotrexate in time for Monday’s dose… Which led to the decision (with doctor’s approval) to skip my dose entirely… Which begs the obvious question: was the reason I could work out five times last week because I wasn’t dealing with a shitty chemo hangover? In my heart, I know that’s exactly the case, but it’s still hard to adjust to the idea of canning it completely and the potential ramifications down the road. So I’m going to take for the next three weeks before my March infusion and try not to worry about next steps until then. By then I’ll be six weeks out to my first race, and I already can’t wait to see where I’m at training-wise by then!