Training Journal Weeks 6 & 7

After traveling for work week six and for the Foundation week seven, I’m behind on these training journals and pretty much every other aspect of my life. Even my Orencia infusion was delayed a week which is never a good thing. It’s been a bit of a tough stretch lately, but I’m really hoping that with spring will come new beginnings.

The Good

I’m trying really hard to find the good (training-wise) in the last two weeks, but it’s harder than I would like. I’m proud to say that I was able to work out three out of the six days that I was on the road including two solid gym sessions and dragging my poor friend to yoga the morning after gorging ourselves at Momofuku DC. I managed six workouts in 14 days which isn’t my usual training schedule, but I’m still learning to focus on the workouts I can do instead of the ones I can’t.

The Bad

Travel just beats the shit out my system in a way that I’m still not accustomed to at this stage in my life. I’ve always been so “go go go” that I have a hard time conceding that I can’t get myself out of bed for an early gym session the morning after a travel day. Part of me would like to attribute some of this to age, but RA exhaustion is on an entirely different level than simply being tired (or over 30). It’s not like being comfy in bed and you just don’t want to get up, it’s more like wearing a lead blanket on top of you that you can’t push off of you no matter how hard you try. The only thing that eventually got me out of bed that morning was not wanting to hold up a colleague from getting from our hotel to breakfast.

The Ugly

Part of the reason that I couldn’t train for four days after getting home from DC was that my body just seems to hate all of my medications right now! I’ve always tolerated my Orencia infusions pretty well, but last’s Friday’s infusion brought with it a debilitating headache and stomach upset that laid me out completely Saturday and Sunday. Even watching TV was painful and I had to resort to closing my eyes and listening to some truly great March Madness games – just another way RA robbed me of enjoying something I love recently. By the time I felt better again it was time to take my Methotrexate, and so the cycle continues this week.

At a little less than six weeks out from my first race of the season, I know there’s plenty of time to recover from this rough patch. Starting off with a 5K (no obstacles) will be a good way to ease back in and test my endurance before my Spartan five weeks after that. Speaking of which – last Friday night I had a dream (nightmare?!) that my first Spartan race of the season was April 4th instead of June 4th! It’s nice to know that even when my system is knocked out from my infusion, my subconscious is still thinking about my race season goals!

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  1. You’re amazing, Anna–and you’re doing just fine. I hope you’re starting to feel better now that the Orencia and MTX side-effects are wearing themselves out. Sending a hug. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stef! TI think there’s a lot of aspects of RA that can be characterized by the idea of this “heaviness” that you’re always trying to get yourself out from under – fatigue and brain fog just to name a few.

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