Yes, I’m alive!

Hi, friends! I’ve missed you! I hate that it’s been a month since I’ve written anything, but that last post took a lot out of me. So much so, that I really needed to take a break not just from writing, but from sharing so much with the #ChronicLife community. I love that I have so many amazing friends that are always there to support me when I’m struggling, but sometimes I find myself needing to unplug from it all and focus on being present offline with friends and family. April ended up being a tough month, and this was especially true. I’ve got some other posts in the work that I’m really excited, but first an update.


I spent most of the winter struggling with chronic sinusitis, repeat infections and head and chest colds. The first week in April was no different, and I was fighting to stay on top of training. Convinced I could “sweat it out”, I kept it up at the gym, tried a new kickboxing class and even squeezed in a few interval runs. And then I ran smack into a wall known as the flu. I can’t remember ever having the flu before, but it’s no joke. For the first 3-4 days, I couldn’t even look my phone – all I could do was sleep. Throw in some respiratory complications and it was a rough two weeks made more difficult by the delays it caused in treatment – both Methotrexate and Orencia. When I finally did get my infusion, I didn’t get the “boost” from it that I usually do. I wasn’t even close to 100%, and I’m not sure I will be until I get my next one on the 19th.


Training, as you can imagine, was completely upended by the flu. One day I was doing those interval runs, and the next day I was in the ER receiving IV fluids. Losing those two weeks of training was more difficult than I can adequately express. Not only was I working hard to prepare for race season, but I was putting my body through a lot in pursuit of those goals. Feeling like that time (not to mention progress) was taken away from me unfairly sucked. I allowed myself a little pity party over that one, but ultimately focused on getting better ASAP. I got back to the gym nearly the second my doctor said I could. As in – I left her office, picked up my gym bag and went straight back to pick up where I left off. That feels like a lifetime ago, but in reality, it was only two weeks. I even managed to kick off race season as scheduled, but more on that in a future post.

Other Stuff (Yes, I have a life outside of training for Spartans. Barely.)

Back February I joined RA Health Central as a regular contributor, and last month I became the site’s newest Social Ambassador! It’s an enormous honor to work alongside the incomparable Britt and Lene and to have an even larger platform from which to speak. But, much like training, getting acclimated to my new role was derailed by the flu, and I’m only getting caught up now. In fact, after I finish up this post, I’ve got some writing to do for the site. I’ll be covering my experience at the Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit back in March as part of Arthritis Awareness Month. You read all of my past Health Central articles here in the meantime.

Before I go I have got to say a huge “thank you.” When I went dark with the flu, I received so many get well messages from people here, on Twitter, on Facebook, via email and good old fashioned mail! Thank you so much for checking in on me, and for sending love and encouragement. It did far more for my recovery than Tamiflu ever could!